Sunday, May 21, 2006

I breathe! I live!

Dear Diary, I have neglected you. Where have you been I hear you say. Reminds me of the nursery rhyme which ends...I've been up to London to look at the Queen. Well actually I've been to London but it was to have fun with the grandchildren and my daughter. They were all sick but fortunately I remained well and continued to be well after returning home. This has to be a first. But to return to my neglect of you which was totally my fault but somehow I couldn't raise the energy to write. It seemed I had lost the will to communicate and only wanted to do things like dyeing and reading and walking with a bit of gardening thrown in for good measure. I have been unable to put my thoughts down on paper or rather screen and haven't felt at all sociable which hasn't been very nice of me. But I have done a lot of dyeing and I have done a lot of gardening. And while doing these two things I've been thinking and come to the conclusion that I am by nature one of life's bumblers. I enjoy what I do and have fun doing it but I don't want to be pressurised into doing any more than I have to. I will work when I want to, read books when I want to, garden when I want to and do only those things which are a necessary part of my daily life. In truth I am lazy and not at all focused. But you know I don't care and so much happier for having admitted to this rather than trying to be something I'm not. So I don't feel bad if I don't create something daily; I don't feel bad if I am not being totally artistic and I don't feel bad if I don't tell you my thoughts every day dear diary. As you know dear diary I am a Gemini and this could be today's tale but isn't necessarily going to be the story of the month. So we will wait and see what transpires.
At the moment I am designing THE bag to end all bags. As some people have shoe fetishes I have a bag fetish. It is impossible to find the one bag that has all the features that I want. So I have decided to design it. It has to be able to be slung over the shoulder; to be big enough to carry everything but the kitchen sink including a book; to have lots of pockets, especially one on the outside for my bat phone. And some outside pockets across the width for just slipping things into like receipts and tickets. Plus inside pockets for things like driving license and MOT certificate etc; and a handy pocket for a compass, cigarette lighter (I don't smoke but I do burn fabric in shops to test content!),tape measure, plasters, nail file, fold up scissors, small spoon and knife. As this sounds like a suitcase job I might even include a pocket on the side for a bottle of water! I'm getting quite excited about this project. It could mean that I need never buy another bag again!


  1. Val: I feel your pain. If you've checked MY blog lately, you have seen my absense as well. Perhaps it's the season....there's way too much to do. And I, silly me, committed to doing another of Willa's baggie challenges, so design-wise that is where my head has been for the past month or so. Great dyeing and those grands are to die for. So "pretty". Mine are 17, 13, 11, 8, 5, 3 and 2 now and oh so far away. We miss them so.

  2. Adorabel grand-children! Yup, it's a busy time with all the additional worrk of gardening, but it's joyful too! I love your bag idea and look forward to seeing your design. Maybe I'll get around to making one for myself with inspiration from you! Enjoy yourself!

  3. short and sweet ... you have been missed


  4. Please can I join the Gemini Bumblers club? I feel I have all the entry requirements? Just stumbled across your blog (in a gemini bumbling way) when I should have been hanging the washing up and going to catch th etrain to work.