Tuesday, May 02, 2006

In the purple!

I spent yesterday, which was a glorious sunny day, in the garden mostly working but also just sitting and drinking juice concoctions from my juicer. I have to say that I am quite taken with juicing. And as well as making some weird and wonderful but quite strange drinks I've also made some lovely fruity ones. And adding ginger gives things a real zip. What is even better is that this new way of eating that I've been following for the last couple of weeks has lost me two inches round the waist! Even though I've had the odd cake or two!
The rest of the day was spent dyeing as I had nothing in hand. I had a request for a large amount of lilac but one of the batches came out too dark so I overdyed it. The results were quite surprising. I overdyed with various pinks, greens, blues and yellows and expected to get variations on purple -either more red or more blue, plus different browns but the end products were quite different as you can see in the pictures below. Some lovely heathery pieces plus some really good sandy ones. And lots of lovely greens! I must do this more often. I like the surprise effect. I'll dye up a big piece of orange next as I know I'll get lots of good browns by over-dyeing with blue.
Tonight I managed to pour boiling water over my foot. Totally my own stupid fault...mea culpa! But it is very painful and I'm hoping it won't effect my going to London at the weekend. Well I shall go come hell and high water but I don't want to be limping everywhere! The top of the foot is not a good place to burn as the skin is so thin and every time the foot flexes it hurts! Ouch! OK so enough of that.... I really just want sympathy! Grin!


  1. Love the colors you got on your dyeing project. Did you use low water immersion method?

  2. Yes. For three metres of 60" wide fabric I used a tsp each of cerise, golden yellow, tarton and emerald green and cerulean blue made up in about 8fl oz water. I then divided these between the 18 pieces I'd cut the fabric into and topped up with between 2 and 4 fl oz soda water. This was a most unscientific, flying by the seat of my pants, dyeing session.
    But then I often find as with cookery that just throwing it in often produces the most amazing results! Grin! Oh and I also mixed the original dye mixes together to create different blends.

  3. Lavendar oil. Put it neat onto burns, it heals them *very* quickly. Don't know why it works, but it does. The reason I know this, is that I walked on fire and burned my feet, a bit... used lavendar oil (did not want to tell my GP what I'd been up to, he'd have laughed his socks off, and then told me off at length...), and they healed much quicker than I expected them to.

  4. I like juicing too. Vegetable ones with garlic - don't come near me!! I agree about the ginger.

    Hope your foot is better soon - put a bag of frozen peas on it to cool it!

  5. Aloe Vera creams are good for burns. Hope the foot comes right soon.

  6. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your foot. The fabrics look great. What kind of "diet" are you on. I could stand to loose a few pounds/inches myself. LOL

  7. Micki I've just cut out all wheat, sugar, dairy foods except yogurt, coffee, and trans fats. I have porage for breakfast and then just fish or chicken with salads. Lots of fruit. And I am drinking herbal teas. I love elderflower and lemon. The worst one is dandelion! Yuck!