Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Holiday time!

I'm having a week's holiday while my son and his fiancee are down from Scotland. I haven't seen them since this time last year so it is fun to catch up. Today is his birthday and it seems strange to think that 35 years ago today I was awaiting his arrival. I had a home birth and it was a Bank Holiday Sunday. My midwife was on holiday and I had a student midwife. She was most concerned that I didn't take a long time in production as she had a chicken in her oven at home and that seemed to be of much more importance! In the event Andrew was born at 7.00pm in a rush and her chicken was probably overcooked! He has been a true Sunday's child all his life. Tonight we are all going out to a local Italian restaurant to celebrate.... pictures tomorrow!
Yesterday we went to visit Godolphin House. It is a manor house in the village of Godolphin, nr Helston which isn't too far from us. I had never been so it was something new. The original building on the site was a small castle built circa 1300 by Sir Alexander Godolphin with money from the family's tin mining business. Many changes were made in the next centuries and by the 17th century Godolphin had become the largest house in the county. However a fall in the price of tin meant that by the late 18th century the house had become derilict. The house was bought in 1937 by Sidney Schofield who had carried out much restoration work. It is ongoing. The house is fascinating though bears little resemblance in layout to the original plans. Sadly there was a policy of no photography inside the house so no pictures. Not all of the rooms are on view but those that are have been restored to their former grandeur. Great big fireplaces with carved overmantles. Sumptuous bed hangings on the four poster beds and an enormous table in the great hall. This must, in its heyday, have been an amazing house. I believe it was used in the Poldark series. Anyway I'm glad I got to see it eventually. Tomorrow we are going to see Lanhydrock. Another historic house up near Bodmin.
Now I am going to play with the DVD that arrived this morning from Gabrielle...Creativity on Demand. How I have been able to hold off until this moment I will never know. More about it later. Fun awaits! N

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  1. I can't believe the midwife thought her chicken was more important than the birth of your son.
    Oooh yes, let us know about Gabrielle's DVD.