Thursday, August 31, 2006


My son has gone back to Edinburgh after a frantic four days and we are on our own again. I have seem more of Cornwall in those four days than in the last four years! His car looked like a mobile greenhouse as he filled it full of plants to take back for his newly formed garden. Looking at pictures of it he has really worked hard and it looks as if a professional has done it. I can't wait to see pictures of it next summer when it will all be in bloom. My garden has decided it is Autumn and is looking very shabby. There are still tomatoes on the vines in the hanging baskets and the runner beans are still producing the odd couple of beans every other day, but apart from that it is all over and I need to get out there and work!
We had a great visit to Lanhydrock which I thoroughly enjoyed. However it isn't what I would call an intimate house being very large and I should imagine it would be easy to get lost in it. There was an amazing ceiling circa Charles 1st's era but photos weren't allowed so I can't show you. Suffice it to say that it was moulded all over with decorations and scenes from the bible plus fruits and leaves. Because of the fear of it falling down there were no chandeliers hanging down into the long gallery below. The kitchens were fantastic with one large kitchen for cooking with a large rack of spits in front of the range plus a separate cooking range. Separate larders for game, fish and general supplies plus a still room and dairy. Must have been a hive of industry in its heyday. The house was mostly built by the first Lord Robartes of Truro in Charles 1st's reign and was finished by his son John who was a Parliamentarian (Round Head) during the Civil War which was unusual as most of Cornwall was Royalist. In 1881 a fire destroyed a lot of the house but it was rebuilt to the original plans. The north wing where the superb ceiling is was spared. The church behind the house is older being 15th century. In latter years it was the family's holiday home! Some holiday home!


  1. I like your post about Landhydrock. It brought back memories about several visits there. Its so impressive and lets lose imagination how life might have been then. Since I spent a few weeks in Exeter in a laguage school I visit my now 80 year old landlady every few years. It feels quite like coming home when driving down from London to Exeter. Thank you for bringing back wonderful memories.

  2. what ever you're up to Valeri I hope your ok.