Saturday, August 05, 2006

Quick journey - there and back!

This past Wednesday I went to London and back with Martin. He wanted to buy another, newer Espace and I went with him for the ride. Also the possibility that I might have to drive it back! Not something I was going to relish but in the actuality it didn't happen that way. I was so relieved as driving in London in a new to me car wasn't high on my list of fun things to do. The Espace he has at the moment has done nearly a million miles and is 18 years old so it is time for a newer one though he will find it hard to give this one up. We got up at 4 in the morning and left around 5.30 by which time it was just getting light. The journey was good and we arrived at our destination around 10.30. We were very close to Heathrow and it was fascinating watching the planes going overhead as they came in to land. It was as if they were only a couple of feet above us. I can't say I'd want to live on a flight path! Too noisy by far! This kind of expedition isn't new to me and I was armed with a good book which I read for an hour or so while Martin prowled around the car and took it for a test run etc etc. Eventually he decided to buy it and arranged to pick it up a week later when he'd had time to tax and insure it. The most I will have to do is drive him to the station. I can do that! We then started on our journey home, stopping at a motorway service station for some lunch. For two sandwiches and a coffee and juice Martin paid over £11! He is still going on about the expense! We could have had a four course meal for that down here...well fish and chips or a Cornish pasty each at least plus drinks and an icecream! What is it with motorway stops! Complete rip off! That apart the day was good and we arrived home at 6.30 so we made good time. I took 85 pictures from the car as we travelled along and it was fun to see the changing scenery as we went from county to county. On the journey home the heart always beats faster as we enter Cornwall and I realise that we are on the homeward stretch. It was amazing how many of the pictures were good considering that they were taken from a moving vehicle going at the speed of light! Lots of inspiration and the colours were superb.
I'm not doing a lot - just gardening, reading and swimming though I am beginning to feel the first stirrings of creativity. The workroom is beginning to call to me and I have started tentatively clearing space so that I can hit the road running when the fancy takes me. I have been making a lot of tough decisions lately and have decided to close down Farne Designs in the near future. I am still going to teach but I'm not going to be into anything else in a big way and will no longer be involved in internet sales. Now is the time for me and anything I do will be for the fun it gives me and the pleasure I get from making it. I shall still dye fabric. I have thought long and hard about this and have come to the conclusion that I no longer want or need the hassle. I nearly closed the blog down but decided that it is something I enjoy doing and I've made some really good friends through blogging. So I shall continue to make intermittent posts depending on whether I have anything to say of interest. Time has been at a premium lately and I haven't had time to read as many blogs as I usually do but there are a few that I have to read on a regular basis for the lift they give me. If I haven't been commenting it isn't because I'm not interested it's due to lack of time. Sorry! I hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. I did enjoy the pictures, thank you. You live in such a wonderful part of the world with all that lovely countryside and history.

    I understand about the blog. Sometimes I think about stopping. But to be honest, this is my only real contact with other people who enjoy the same things as I do.

  2. Have to agree with Micki, on both points.

    You've made a very difficult life decision, and I admire you for it. But I'm glad you're keeping your blog! (So selfish of me, I know.)

  3. I'm afraid if I lived in such beautiful surroundings, I'd spend a lot less time at the computer! It sounds as if you have made a very thoughtful decision, one that will serve you well, and I hope that you will continue to fill us all in on how it works for you!