Friday, April 20, 2007

New term begins

Today was the first day of a new term. This is the last term of the year and it is only five weeks long as students go off on holiday and have other commitments. We do basic techniques and finish off with a quick quilt which is a design I have found which can make a quilt top in about six hours. This year I have designed a briliant pattern which I call Double Drunkard but pictures will come later when I've actually made the sample. It is a good way of getting a new quilt as otherwise I'd be too busy to make something this large.My Magic Squares quilt started off as a class quick quilt. Admittedly getting the quilt top backed and quilted can sometimes take a while. I am still waiting to quilt a finished 'Crazy Cuts' quilt that I did two or even three years ago! Oh procrastination how you bug me! I didn't even realise that I had the lazy gene until fairly recently!
Today the technique was Seminole patchwork and I was impressed at the work done by the students. They were very innovative and produced some exciting pieces. No pictures unfortunately as I have no camera. Martin very kindly lent me his small digital but I have to read the manual before I can use it as it is completely different to mine. I am a great manual reader. And a good and well written manual can be a blessing.
I think Fenella shows great promise here for a career in show business! She has the mannerisms! I asked her to give me a smile and this is what I got!

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