Friday, April 20, 2007

Playing with Martin's camera

Well finger's crossed that this is going to work! At this rate I'll be giving up for good! I am not happy with the changes to Blogger. Having to sign in several times is a pain and then getting everything done and then losing it all is more than a pain!

I managed to get Martin's camera to work and took some pictures of the loaf of bread I'd just made. Its tall and thin because that's how the machine makes it but the bread is scrummy! This one is a Granary loaf with added sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Yummy! I was going to put a picture of the breadmaker but I just haven't got the energy left after doing all this twice!

And what's with the 'required field must n't be left blank'? I wouldn't leave it blank if I knew what it was. All that happens is that I can't publish and then lose the lot! I shall have to cut a slice of bread, spread thickly with butter and enjoy while still warm! I turn the loaf on its side to cut so that it is a better shape!
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  1. Here you go, escalating my long-standing Cornwall dreams with pictures of home-made bread and thoughts of warm bread and butter...Yummers! I love my bread machine, which I used all the time when I lived in New England...but now that I'm back in northern California where honest-to-goodness sourdough bread is available, I don't use it very often. You've inspired me to bring it out and try something new!