Saturday, April 28, 2007

I've bitten the bullet!

I've done it! I've bought a new camera! I was beginning to feel as if I'd lost a limb as I take pictures nearly every week of the year. It is my answer to a diary in many respects and the advent of digital cameras and programs such as Picasa have made it so easy. To begin with I went the repair route and found that I could pay Fuji £99.99 plus VAT to look at my old camera and if they couldn't repair it or didn't find anything wrong with it they would in their generosity send it back to me free of charge. I would of course be out of pocket by £99.99! So I then thought I'd spend that amount of money on Ebay and buy a similar camera as I really do love my Fuji Finepix. But after being pipped at the post by a couple of £'s I gave up and decided to go for new. Well actually Martin said if I was going to spend that much on an old second hand camera why not go for broke and buy a new one with all the bells and whistles. Which is what I've done. Monday I will be the proud owner of a Fuji Finepix S9600! 10.7 optical zoom and 9 million pixels plus their fantastic CCD technology. link to more info And I am amazed at the drop in prices since I last bought a digital. My old one was over £600 but this one which is just as good if not better was only £247! Amazing. I can't wait to get back to taking pictures again. I've already downloaded and printed the manual and it doesn't appear to be to different to the old one which is just as well. So we'll be back to pictures soon.

I am still plodding on with the seat covers. Two down and five to go plus headrests. Two more are cut out and ready to sew. But today was a day of rest! This morning I went to a garden centre with my friend Sue and bought plants. And this afternoon I did a batch of dyeing. Very bright dyeing! Pictures after Monday! And then I read a book! Sheer luxury! It was the latest in the Phil Rickman series.....Remains of an Altar. I can't wait for the next one to come out later this year.....The Fabric of Sin! I have found that I can order books from the library on line and then when they are in I can go and collect them. Saves having to browse the shelves when I'm in a hurry and not find anything I really want to read. Also this way I can borrow from all the libraries in Cornwall. Its a pity I can't tap into all the libraries in the country as I have been finding that I'm reading a series and then one or two are missing and this is just so annoying. It is very tempting when this happens to buy the book from a secondhand bookshop but that way lies ruin! And one of the reasons that I have hundreds, even thousands of books, even after clearing out boxes of them. So I'm being really restrained and only buying books that I just have to have. Especially as I am still getting rid of books! It hurts!

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  1. Ah, books are wonderful, aren't they?

    just a comment, Valeri - the font you use in this post mkaes it really hard to read, compared with the font in the April 20th post.