Saturday, May 05, 2007

Testing, testing!

I've been having such fun with my new camera! It is HUGE! Bigger than my old one. The zoom works beautifully and so does the macro facility. Most of the pictures I've been taking I've used the Auto facility but I have been trying out some of it's other features. Here are some examples:

This is Wallflower called 'Patchwork' which smells delightful. Picture was taken on the macro setting.

This is another macro picture but taken at night. This is a lovely Begonia I have in a stone pot. Eventually the flowers will grow and hang over the edge more.
Normal everyday picture of my herb pots taken with Auto facility. The Begonia from the picture above is the small yellow blob in the centre!

Shirley I'm sorry about the font in the last post. It doesn't seem to matter what I do Blogger will alter it! Which is why some of this post is in blue writing and some in black! It wouldn't change to all one!

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