Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday morning!

It was a lovely sunny morning and Sue and I went into Falmouth in her diddy little sportscar. Here it is parked next to Martin's Grande Espace! Little and Large!

The picture above and below is of St George's Arcade in Falmouth. This is pretty old and there are lots of little shops in the arcade itself including a second hand bookshop which has been there for years. The facade is fascinating with its decorations of fruit and flowers.

This old ship's figurehead is down a small alleyway in front of a shop called The Bosun's Locker which surprisingly enough sells boating stuff! The shop is right on the water's edge in the harbour and to the left and out of sight is the car park.

The mouth of the harbour into the Carrick Roads as the mouth of the river Fal is called.

This is the inner harbour and until I looked at the picture I hadn't realised that we'd got one of the Tall Ships in the harbour....upper left. I'm obviously not the most observant of people!
Well I have finally lost the will to live! It has taken me an hour to upload all these pictures! I would have moved on to some pictures of the fabric I've just dyed but I don't have any energy left! Another time! Obviously for me Blogger has had its day and I need to find some other platform to write in. So any recommendations as to a new Blog format? I was really quite happy with the old Blogger so why did it have to change?

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