Saturday, May 26, 2007


I'm always amazed when I'm able to update my website and it actually works! I use Dreamweaver MX and it is a very user friendly package but even so I'm not always sure of what I'm doing and when I get reasonably acceptable results it gives me a warm glow. I've just up-dated the website with some pictures of my students work that they've done over the past year. Unfortunately I didn't think to ask them to bring work in until the last day of term and so I only got the work of a few of the class but its well worth a look! Go here!
I must now make the effort to update the fabric pages. I've been doing a batch of dyeing today and been well pleased with the results. As well as a batch of mandela type fat quarter's I also did some over-dyeing using black and was well pleased with the results. The original pieces were on the boring side (though I firmly believe that no piece of hand-dyed fabric is unusable!)but now they have life! The top left below is a mandela over-dye using black. The top right is a wrinkled over-dye again using black. The two at the bottom were over-dyed using black, royal and raspberry. The original colours in the bottom two were nearer to mud than anything else! I have to say I do like bright and strong colours! I'm not a pastel person though saying that some of the pieces I've dyed tonight have been on the pastel side because I was experimenting with putting lots of water into the pots after I'd put the dye in rather than mixing into the dye solution first. It worked well and there were some lovely soft colours which will work for an order I have.


  1. Dyeing is great, isn't it? Your fabric is lovely.

  2. Hi Valeri,
    I know what you mean about feeling a bit surprised when the blog works like you want it to! Thanks for your help on my blog with moving pictures. It definitely isn't easy, I finally figured out that you can only move up or down, not sideways, and you can't jump over a previous picture, so it takes some planning!

    I love your dyed fabric. I can't wait to see your mandala, I've always wanted to try that. Your students' work is beautiful! Do you teach in a university? What a fun job you have.

    I just did some dying over the weekend, nothing too exciting, I just needed some shades of blues and greens for a quilt about the ocean. There's some pictures on my blog, interspersed with text thanks to you!

  3. Vivian I'm glad I was able to help. After a while one finds little tricks and strategies for moving pictures on Blogger but it is always easier I find to stick the pictures in first. Lovely dyeing on your site by the way and Danny did a great job!
    Thanks Shirley, as you know once you start you can't stop!