Thursday, May 31, 2007

Looking at the past!

I have had a day of tidying and sorting. A good game played slowly! So I thought I'd take a leaf out of Shirley's book (Dyeing to Design) and show some of my old and unfinished work.

Top left is a piece of white poplin on which I drew flowers using water colour pencils. These I outline with stipple quilting which made the flowers stand up. I have still to think of a way to use it. Top middle is a piece of hand-dyed cotton with folded roses sewn onto it. This was a sampler done for a class on 3-D flowers. Eventually I might turn this into a cushion. On the end at the top is a small piece of silk painted habutai which I am embroidering with silk ribbon. Eventually I might get it finished! There is hope!
The middle row is a pastel drawing of African violets and then next to it a free standing applique and machine lace depiction of the drawing. And on the end an abstract piece of mixed media work inspired by the original drawing. Some time I want to work on these and work them into a larger project.

The last row is a lesson in organisation. These are all fabrics that I have dyed at some time. They all sold very quickly. What is the problem? I didn't make any notes as to how I achieved the effects! I can guess but that isn't good enough. This has been a salutary lesson and in future when I'm doing something different I shall make sure that it gets entered into my notebook. The middle one I'm sure is a piece that was discharged and then overdyed. The first one in the row is totally beyond me which is a pity as I'd like to do it again. The last one I think I dye painted on folded fabric. The only way to find out is to try and re-produce them. I deserve a smack!

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