Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pictures in the rain!

We went out for a meal tonight and on the way home I took some pictures. I am trying a new approach to putting pictures into Blogger. This time I put all the pictures in before I started writing anything. So this is a test of sorts. I have to thank you all for your comments re WordPress. And yes, Gabrielle I am signed up to the new Blogger which is half my problem. But then on the other hand I am not being very clever at using WordPress. I've got a site but so far am at a loss as to how to proceed. It all looks much more intimidating than blogger. There doesn't seem to be an html feature for insetting stuff into the template. Perhaps I don't need this. What I do need is a step by step lesson! So for the time being I am going to stick with Blogger as at least I know what I'm doing. Sort of......

To go back to the pictures.

This one is of a roundabout at the top of the hill leading down into Falmouth. Remember it was a wet dreary evening and the light was fading. On the roundabout are two old cannons and an old ship's anchor. Supposedly to show Falmouth's maritime history.

I tried here to take a picture of some blossom from the car but we were moving fast and the focus was all to pot. However I thought this showed some fantastic texture and reminded me of tweed fabric. What do you think? I am slowly coming to grips with the new camera but it is a steep learning curve and I have a long way to go before it all happens naturally.

And last but not least this is the Adult Education Centre that I work at. It is a couple of miles from where I live so not far to go. This used to be the boys Grammar School in Falmouth but is now totally committed to Adult Education. It is a lovely building and what is even better is that there is masses of parking! The room I teach in used to be the hall and is a fantastic size with lovely large windows.
The meal we had was enormous and I had no room for dessert which was disappointing as I do love having dessert when out. But I am now going to have some yogurt and maple syrup and listen to the rain.


  1. I would love to know if you find a source for figuring out Wordpress for us non-geek types. I also found it to be much less user friendly than blogger, even with its idiosyncrasies- so my blog there sits. I also looked for books on Amazon about Wordpress, and came up empty-handed.

  2. The new blogger had me a bit confused to start with, but I am Ok now.
    Like you, I have had to play with the images a bit. So good luck with your quest.
    I have only ever wished to be a user of new technology and get quite frustrated when it doesn't do what I want!
    Best Wishes