Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Playing with my new camera!

I had to go into town with Martin so thought I'd take my new camera and do some tests. It was a cloudy overcast day but not actually raining so instead of standing around waiting while he got bits for his car I walked onto Customs House Quay (picture above) and took some pictures. This first picture is without the zoom and until I took the picture with the zoom on I didn't realise that there were cows in the field. The second picture is with the camera on zoom. You can see the difference, especially if you click on the picture to enlarge it. I was impressed!

I also took a photo of Arwenack Manor and one of Pendennis Castle on the way home. Considering that this last one was taken from a moving car looking backwards I don't think it is too bad! It would have been better on zoom as then there would have been more detail. Arwenack Manor is on the site of the original Elizabethan house but this was burnt down and almost totally destroyed in the Civil War. Falmouth being a Royalist stronghold. The church in the main street was dedicated to Charles I in 1665. The Killigrews who built the house are also decimated as a family but their claim to fame lies in the fact that they developed the harbour. Sir Walter Raleigh suggested to them that they develop the superb anchorage. Their name is commemorated in several street names, and there is a granite obelisk opposite the house which was set up by one of the Killigrews in 1737.

To end on a quilty note I have been rushing to finish a small table cover done in a form of drunkards path. I call it double drunkard as it has an oval in the centre. Hopefully I shall get it finished tomorrow and will take pictures. I used a mixed collection of fabric colours and they seemed to work. Not having sufficient fabric for a backing I quickly dyed a piece and I was very pleased with it. Its a bramble pink and will go well with the top fabrics. At the same time I also dyed a white cotton cardigan which I never wore because it was white! I dyed it brown but it has come out a mottled shade with a mixture of browns and greens. Actually looks better than it sounds. The only problem was that it shrank slightly. This made the sleeves shorter but fortunately it had been big in the body to start with so still fits OK and I can always push the sleeves up. And why is it when a garment is made of cotton that the manufacturers use polyester thread? This brownish cardigan now has white stitching! As it has largish white pearl buttons it doesn't look too awful. I can always just wear it in the house!

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  1. So many garments are sewn with polyester thread! I've had the same thing happen when I've dyed linen shirts bought at the op shop - brilliant white stitching everywhere.

    Lovely photos, Valeri.