Friday, May 18, 2007

End of the teaching year!

Today was the last day of term and no more classes for Adult Education until September when a new year starts. Sad in some ways as the students become friends over the year and a rapport is formed between us all but also I'm glad as it means more time to develop ideas and plan for new projects. The picture below is of the room we use in the Adult Education Centre. It is actually quite light though the picture makes it look gloomy (no flash on!). And the wooden block parquet floor is wonderful for laying out quilts.

This is a picture of the Double Drunkard quilt I designed and put together for today's class project. I had a lot of fun doing this and Martin actually cut me out acrylic templates for the block which made life easier. It took me just one morning to do this top. It still has to be backed and quilted.

This is another version which I call the Double Drunkard's Eye! This again was a very quick top to do and this one is actually finished, quilting and all. This was the one that most people chose to do.

I also took some photos of the student's work for my student's page on my website. This lovely top is a Magic Squares version made by Yvonne. She uses my fabrics all the time which is very good of her!

Below is a Reversible Quilt made by Shirley. This quilt is made all in one go and again is quick. I like quick and so do my students. Again mostly my fabrics!

Shirley also made this small wall hanging.

This is just a small selection of the work done this term. I will get the page with all the pieces, up on my website this weekend . They are a great group to work with and have done some fantastic work. It is having students like this that makes teaching so worthwhile and such fun. I would really miss it if I didn't do it. I am doing a few workshops over the summer just so I don't get withdrawal symptoms!

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