Monday, May 07, 2007

New Blog!

I am thinking of moving to WordPress. Does anyone have any experience of this blogging platform? Also any experience of transferring from Blogger? Thank you in advance. The reason I am doing this is because I find it getting harder and harder to actually upload pictures or to get Blogger to publish what I've written and how I've written it. It seems to be developing a mind of its own. Hopefully I can get this sorted out fairly quickly. Fingers crossed.

This was a bank holiday weekend and so I have been on holiday today. And yippee I've finished the seat covers! Well all except for the head rests and they are a real pain to do being a fiddly shape but not nearly as awful as the seats! What a sad way to spend a day off making seat covers. But then we did drive down to Coverack yesterday afternoon for an outing. We demolished a bar of Cadbury's Fruit And Nut chocolate between us (and it wasn't a small bar either) and I was able to do tests with my camera. Coverack is a small fishing harbour on the Lizard. The Lizard is the most southerly point in Britain but that didn't guarantee good weather and it was overcast and drizzly. There were some delightful thatched cottages and some steps to the beach with interesting quilting patterns on them. There is a very good restaurant there too but it wasn't a dining out evening! We did that on Wednesday when we went with friends to The Cove at Maenporth. The food was out of this world delicious. I had crab cakes, rack of lamb and chocolate torte though when I saw Martin's pineapple torte with lemon sorbet I wished I'd had that! But he let me taste!
Now that the seat covers are out of the way (the headrests won't take long) I can now think about doing some quilting. This week's class is about folded fabric flowers which will be fun. But I must update my samples. Pictures separately as it is no fun trying to get them in with the text.


  1. I use wordpress and find it infinitely nicer than I found blogger. Images are no problem, the servers are reliable and formatting is easy. I'm quite happy there...

    They've also got an automatic import utility, which will import from Blogger to Wordpress easily. You could try it out before deciding to quit blogger.

  2. Valeri,
    I don't know anything about wordpress but have you switched your blogger account to the new blogger. It is working much better now. Your photos are beautiful....and we almost the same meal only I had calamari and then lamb and skipped dessert.

  3. I am a huge Wordpress fan - I can't sing its praises often enough - much better than blogger now that they host free blogs

  4. I use Wordpress and love it - you can either install it on your own webhost or use the hosted one. I do the former. I transferred my blog from Blogger and there is a site which tells you how to do it - I could probably find it again if you need me to. The only thing was that it didn't transfer the photos but that might be because I used Hello rather than uploading them directly to Blogger. That might have been sorted out now as it was over a year ago that I did it.