Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home Again!

Sandown was great! Well that is apart from the London traffic. I felt that I was taking my life in my hands everytime I had to drive to or from the hotel! But it was a fantastic three days and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. We made some new friends, met loads of lovely people and saw some superb quilts. So all in all a good experience. So much so that we have booked again for next year!

A couple of pictures of our stand which was tiny! However we managed to cram an awful lot into it! Now we have to replenish stocks and think of some new ideas for patterns and kits. Our next show will be Malvern in October so we will have plenty of time to get organised!

1 comment:

  1. Malvern? are you definitely going to Malvern? I might try and get there! can you let me know what "show" it is so can google it fo details etc?
    would love to meet you!! Sue xx