Wednesday, June 08, 2011

June already!

At last I've got something finished. This is the sample wall hanging for the cut-out adhesive hearts packets. I had great fun doing this and was pleased with the way the two background fabrics meshed together. In fact I was so pleased that I am going to put it onto the website as a pattern for sale.

It is all being a great rush again as we are off to Sandown Quilt show next week. We've lost a week by having to go up to Scotland for the funeral of Graeme's mum. She had been in a home with alzeimher's for several years so it wasn't unexpected. The downside was that the funeral was on my birthday! However we went out for a superb meal at La Mouton Noir in the evening so all was not lost! And we were able to go fishing one day and I caught a good sized rainbow trout! Graeme caught four! We stayed with my son and his partner so we had grateful recipients for the fish!

When we arrived back it was to find that the relatively tidy garden had turned into a veritable jungle! Roses everywhere and the herb garden had gone mad. It looked a mess though as the forget-me-nots had all died and shrivelled up and now need pulling up. However they will have seeded everywhere so lots more next year. Once the lawn was mown though it appeared to be much neater.

I have written a day by day list of all that needs to be done as I find by doing this it concentrates the mind beautifully. I have curtains to make for the stand and a banner with Farne Designs appliqued onto it. Trago Mills which is a wonderful store in Falmouth selling cheapy stuff had some great fabric. A slubbed cream cotton which is quite heavy and very wide (108") but only cost just over £5 a metre! Brilliant! I'm now going to trawl the web looking for a rep for Kona Bay fabrics. Will I be lucky?


  1. sorry about the funeral and coinciding with your birthday - happy belated birthday wishes too! x
    our garden is a complete jungle too! I've persuaded dh that though he IS proud of some of the rather horrid oversized "weeds" he's managed to grow, essentially THEY have overgrown by themselves, and that leaving nature to get on with it is NOT the same as "gardening". while he was otherwise occupied with decorating, no.2.son and I went out with clippers and saw and HACKED and CHOPPED at lots of green stuff .. he-hee!
    Sue xx

  2. Thanks Sue for the birthday wishes. Always good to get regardless of how belated! I have yet to get out into the garden and do something with the rapid and rapacious over growth! I might get lost out there! lol

  3. The background of your wall hanging is lovely, those swirling curves and underwater greens.

    May next year's birthday be a special one, more about you.

    A jungle full of roses and herbs sounds rather inviting ;~)

  4. The colours of this wall hanging is so fascinating and these hearts looks so coool...