Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Samples and Pictures

I have been making a wall hanging as a sample to show off the use of pre-cut circles. Unfortunately not the best of photos but sufficient that the overall design can be seen. I still have to attach silver braid round the circles and do some quilting but I am finding it fun to do and enjoying stitching again. Below is a close up of the hanging circles at the bottom. I used wired ribbon to hang them from and backed them as well so that they were stiff enough to stand up and not flop around. 

Below are a few pictures from the day out at Kennack Sands on Sunday. The waves were quite strong and really very magnificent. The bottom picture is of the estuary of the creek at St Anthony in Meneage which leads into the Helford. It was a lovely sunny day and once out of the wind quite idyllic! 

Tomorrow I have a class in the morning so will have to be organised for it. I'm going to do woven fat quarters with applique and think it will be fun!

Sometimes I wonder if I am talking to myself and wonder what one has to do to illicit comments. It would be nice to know what other people think!


  1. Do you know Fan My Flame blog? She also teaches textile art.

    (Comments is a conversation, you leave some, you get some ;~) If you check your stats - I get one comment out of 10 readers.

  2. hurrah! I'm back! .. well sort of! I've revived my blog and endeavouring to catch up on my Reader and yours is always one of my first blogs to read and enjoy! will check out, too, your website! how is married life suiting you! and how is the teaching! love the pics & last few blog posts, btw! yum!
    Sue x

  3. Am so pleased you are back blogging Sue. Have been away in Scotland for Graeme's mother's funeral but back now and all hands to the pump getting ready for Sandown show in ten days time! No time, no time! I feel like the White Rabbit! :-)
    Diane yes I know this blog and yes I do leave comments but the ratio is not good ..I get about one comment to about a hundred I leave! So....

  4. Ah ... well I have you on my blogroll so you bob up with each new post, for my readers.

  5. Hi. I found my way here from Elephant's Eye. I blog about gardening but I'm also interested in quilting, hope to try it someday when I have more time and space.
    I'm sorry about your loss, and the coincidence with your birthday.