Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everything in the garden is lovely!

I bought this yellow rose about three years ago and it took a long time to get established. For the first year I had to water it daily and it looked as if it wouldn't make it. However last year it had three roses on it! But this year it has gone mad. It is lovely and looks a real picture. I was afraid it was going to be over when I came back from the honeymoon but it is still blooming and has lots of buds coming on! It was meant to be a scented rose but although it has a bit of a smell it isn't what I would call scented! 

The blooms are really large. The buds start off looking orangey but then become a brilliant yellow as they mature.

With the Clematis right next to them they make a pretty picture together. I will have to watch that the Clematis doesn't rampage through the roses!

The for-get-me-nots are still going strong and hopefully will seed themselves for next year. They have provided loads of colour in the garden since February! I have planted a new blackcurrant under the clematis called Big Ben and it is supposed to have enormous berries! The Rosemary is very happy where it is next to the rose and has grown considerably. In front of it there is a Lovage plant. I have to keep chopping this down as it grows out of control. Apparently placing some lovage leaves in ones shoes makes one feet feel and 'smell' better! :-)

This is a close up of the Clematis. 

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