Friday, April 29, 2011

More from Cotehele

The picture above and the one below are of Cotehele quay. There used to be a thriving trade here but now it is just a tourist attraction.

Views down the river

This is a patchwork bedcover which is worked in very small pieces of silk in a geometric pattern.

A carved doorway which I think is quite inspirational for a piece of patchwork! I can see it with layered appliqu├ęd roses in the centre of each square. 

One of the wonderful beds complete with hangings. The bed cover was of Jacobean design but sadly my pictures were fuzzy! 

A beautiful quilted bedcover. Must have taken hours of work!

Another bedcover done in candlewicking - white on white. Quite lovely and very intricate.

Another of the wonderful four poster beds. Again my close-ups of the hangings were fuzzy!

Fantastic ceiling in the main hall.

One of many patchwork cushions which were dotted around. They were all covered with fine net to help protect them. It was interesting to see the fabrics used. 

A lovely old archway out of the main courtyard.

The first view one has of Cotehele as one enters the main gates. 

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