Monday, April 04, 2011

Picture cushions

I really enjoyed doing the picture cushions. In fact so much so that I am thinking of doing some more. It would be fun to have cushions with pictures of people and events as well as scenic views. I have just gained a new great-nephew Sam so perhaps I'll make a cushion especially for him as a birth momento! He has an unusual set of names: Samual John Auberon but I think they are good and I like the name Sam!

After a lot of searching I have found the dress for my wedding in three weeks. Well actually it is less than three weeks now! Gosh how time is flying by! I am not going to post pictures until after the day but it is quite delicious and I am going to love wearing it as it is so flattering. It has it's own little jacket and I bought a toning head 'thing'! It isn't a hat but then again it isn't a hair ornament so what to call it I don't know. It is all getting really exciting!

And to add to the excitement I actually caught a fish at the weekend!


  1. Edith Hope would call it a fascinator?

  2. I thought a fascinator was a lacy scarf thing?

  3. I have a very lovely lace coat you're welcome to borrow. I believe you made it for Mum's wedding...