Thursday, March 31, 2011

Too many UFO's

I have far too many UFO's! Looking for some patterns that I put together for a class a few years ago I came across a myriad of quilts and pieces of work that are all but finished but not quite! How sad is that!

There is the drunkards path collection made into a lap quilt in beautiful Japanese printed fabric just needing a border of flying geese and 9-patch blocks. A wall hanging of leaves on a wall background which just needs finishing off! Similar to the above is a piece of leaves done in mauves and purples called 'Leaves in the Moonlight'. It will look lovely when done! Then there is the garden quilt with printed photos of flowers and applique leaves running across it. Can you tell I'm into leaves? lol And if I ever get the 'Cats in the Garden' quilt finished it would be a fun quilt for my grand-daughter. At this rate she'll be an old lady before she sees it! Also a faux chenille cushion top just needing a backing; a crazy cutz bed quilt needing to be quilted and several pieces of free machine embroidery to be finished - mostly landscapes. I feel quite tired now just thinking about them all!

Garden quilt and 'Leaves in the Moonlight' piece.
I really MUST make an effort and finish things quickly! Am I the only person who has a drawerful of unfinished stuff? And I hate to admit it but the piece below which was the beginning of a three section underwater scene is now nearly seven years old!


  1. You are certainly not the only person with a draw full (or try several large 55litre boxes full) of UFOs at the start of the year I counted 70... I find it helpful to have a spreadsheet of them - including the ones i have finished. For me moving them up the spreadsheet is a great motivator. It also helps me to plan what to do next. With your water scene you could always decide it is a 2 panel piece and just finish it - it is lovely.

  2. Deborah that makes me feel much better! And thank you for the kind comments re the panels. I think that is what I will probably do!

  3. Guilty, guilty. I have two knitted jersies. I used to love knitting, but I HATE the sewing up stage. So there the pieces sit, eyeing me balefully through their cardboard box ;~((

  4. At least you don't let old unfinished projects stop you from doing other things. My 'don't start anything new until the last thing is finished' rule sometimes leads to months where I just don't do anything!