Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dyeing outside!

It was such a lovely sunny day yesterday that we did some dyeing outside on the lawn so that we could lay the fabric out flat and paint it! This is a good way to get back ache as the acrylic sheets are raised off the ground on milk crates which are only about 18" high! I was OK as I put my sheet on top of the coal bin which was waist height and then put sheets on top of sheets. In spite of a few drops of rain and a not very warm breeze the pieces came out looking good with bright strong colours.

The pictures above are old ones but the fabrics are very similar to the ones we did yesterday. I have been experimenting with doing land and seascape pieces with a defined sky, sea and land area so that the fabric can be used as a background for a project.
This picture on the left is a piece I've shown before but it illustrates what I mean by landscape/seascape background fabrics. Having the major components of the picture in place - ie the sky, sea and sand - it was simple to place the sun and fence post and free machine in the details such as the wire, the bush and the sunlight on the water.

Tonight I have just 3 cushions to finish off having done the other 12! I'm really pleased with them and would like to keep a couple as I like the picture so much. I shall try and get some pictures up soon. The problem with writing this at work is that I have no art work with me! However if I wait until I get home then ten to one I won't write anything! And one of the good things about keeping a blog going is that it is such a good record as to where one has come from and when certain things got done!

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  1. I can see you're very busy and going to be even busier, but good to know you have a reliable helper at hand. That land/seascape is lovely.
    i lso find rhe blog very a very useful record of what I did and when.