Friday, April 08, 2011


Is n't it lovely to know that today is Friday and the whole weekend stretches ahead of one! Because I work I have come to really appreciate the weekends. When I was at home all week the weekends tended to blur into the week days but now they mean so much more to me. The sun is shining and it is supposed to be shining tomorrow as well. If it is a sunny day I shall try and go for my first swim of the year in the sea! Of course all conditions will have to be right! Sun, no wind and the tide at a fairly high level! This last is very important as I know if I have to wade out to get any depth of water I'll give up as my legs below the knee will freeze into immobility! So fingers crossed all things will be ideal for that first swim. I really do need the exercise! 

We have bought a new bed for the spare room and will probably spend a large proportion of the weekend, when I'm not swimming and Graeme isn't playing rugby, getting the spare room and workroom organised. Hopefully the end result will mean more space and greater storage facilities. 

Enjoy your weekend. I will also if the sun is shining be trying out my new sun lounger which my neice had a hand in making me buy!  

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  1. So did you swim? Very brave of you. I'm waiting until August...