Wednesday, April 06, 2011


My poor garden has really suffered over the past eighteen months. It has had little or no attention and yet it doesn't look too bad! I'm amazed! Graeme keeps the lawn looking good with the edges trimmed and that does help. He is also very good at cutting brambles out of the hedge. But apart from that we have done nothing. I left the forget-me-nots to self seed and I now have a beautiful blue carpet. In fact I transplanted a few into the tubs and they are looking good too! The herbs are slowly coming to life again and I was delighted to see that a small lemon verbena plant in a pot which I thought moribund has a few leaves on it. Sadly my bronze fennel has bitten the dust. The bad weather in December was just too much for it! It was wonderful for adding to mushroom soup.

Here are a few pictures which I took this morning starting from the left hand side of the kitchen door and working clockwise.

Great swathes of forget-me-nots.

Beautiful camelias

And parsley coming through the forget-me-nots! 

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  1. An (edible) blue border! And your bronze fennel may surprise you with seedlings. Mine did ;¬)