Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Having a wonderful time!

It has been the most wonderful Easter. On Maundy Thursday I got married! It was very quiet and quite superb. My son (with his girlfriend Mel) came down from Scotland to give me away and my 91 year old mother was there plus my very good friend Sue and her husband. And that was it! Nice and quiet! And on the Good Friday we went off on honeymoon to Exmoor for a few days. We stayed in a lovely old hotel which dated from medieval times. Reputedly it had been the headquarters of Oliver Cromwell during the Civil War. The food was amazing and I've put on pounds so it's a strict diet for a while! But I can thoroughly recommend the Luttrell Arms at Dunster. We went for long walks and saw both the gentle side of Exmoor and the bleak moorland side. On the way home we stopped off at Cotehele, the home of the Edgecumbe family. So as pictures are better than a thousand words some more pictures!

 An old bridge by the mill in Dunster. I liked the patterns the reflections made! It was easy to imagine the pack horses bringing the wool to the yarn market in the centre of town.

Below is a typical house in the village. This one was at the gateway into the church yard. 

A pottery kiln behind the hotel. I'm not sure as to how old it is but it is probably medieval. 

Beautiful woodwork in the inner courtyard of the hotel.
Exmoor ponies!
 The yarn market in Dunster. A fabulous building dating from the middle ages when farmers would bring their wool into town to sell.

Dunster Castle which we didn't get to see  but will be an excuse to go back!

Cotehele which was fabulous.

I have more pictures from Cotehele but they will have to wait for another day. Some lovely pieces of old needlework including quilting and patchwork.


  1. You do look lovely, and he has a very debonair smile. Congratulations!

  2. Thank you Diana! It was a great day and the sun has shone ever since! :-) Val

  3. As strange as it may seem we were in Dunster on Easter Saturday! We may have seen you. Congratulations on your marriage, long life and happiness to you both x