Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time is flying by!

Another day another doughnut as they say! Where is all the time going? There is so much to do but at least we have managed to aquire a bed that works! The first one was most peculiar and wouldn't unfold into a straight line! Good if one wanted to lie with one's head at least a foot below one's feet! So in the end we decided to give it up as a bad job and went and bought a superb 1930's small sprung double. Being old it has room underneath to store stuff which modern divans don't. And it is very comfortable which is good! Plus there is still room to shut the door and get into the wardrobe. 

I even managed to get into the garden today and plant a blackcurrant bush and some herbs. Parsley, dill, coriander and fennel. Both ordinary fennel and bronze fennel. The compost bin was overflowing so it was good to be able to use some of it! Lovely stuff! 

On the sewing front I am making a pattern for a quillow using our fabrics in a crazy patchwork pattern. I was really pleased with the backing fabric I dyed. Very colourful. There will be pictures eventually but as I'm at work I can't take any! This week in class I'm going to show the students how to do shadow quilting but can I find my organdy? The answer is no! However I have some sparkle see through voile which could possibly be used instead plus I have some samples already done. It is always good to be prepared!  Not that I am very often!

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