Monday, May 23, 2011

At Last!

Finally I have been able to get the website finished! I have learnt a lot while updating and putting the payment pages on so in many ways it has been a good learning curve. I didn't realise when I started how by putting a shopping cart on and organising card payments what a tangled web I was weaving. But it is all sorted out now and checked and according to my computing guru it is all tickety boo! Well I hope so! So now I can concentrate on doing some actual sewing!

I have been planning some new patterns to sell and making samples for them but this has had to take a back seat to the web building. Now at last I can get going with some real work!

For my birthday Graeme has got tickets to go to a Kaffe Fasset lecture at the Falmouth Pavilion. I'm really looking forward to this, especially as I know I'll run into lots of quilters I know there. Some of Kaffe Fasset's work is just gorgeous and I like his use of colour.

We went to Kennack Sands at the weekend down on the Lizard and it was lovely. The sun shone but the wind was very strong. Lovely when walking on the cliff path with the wind at one's back but quite daunting on the return trip with it in one's face. Was delighted to see a small silver lizard which ran across the path in front of me as well as loads of butterflies. Took lots of pictures but of course I don't have them with me. Later!

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