Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sandown here we come!

Well we made it! Everything that had to be done has been done and now all we have to do is pack up the car. Easier said than done as we have more stuff than we took to Exeter. It's a bit like doing a jig-saw fitting it all in. I expect we will manage even if I can't take much in the way of clothing! More important is to make sure we have the coffee and biscuits!

The stand is smaller than the one we had at Exeter being only 3 x 2 metres instead of 3 x 3 metres so it will be a bit of a tight squeeze to get everything on display! This was the stand at Exeter!

This time I have made curtains with loops for rods to hang things from plus a banner with our name on it! It should make life a bit easier if we arn't having to pin everything up on the backdrops.

I have been thinking of ways of using heart shapes and also thinking of doing some embroidery with my Bernina embroidery attachment. Thinking is as far as I've got but I want to produce more of these butterflies which I digitised a few years ago. Where does the time go? 

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  1. Val I am so pleased that you have returned to the things you enjoy. You fairly glow from the blog pages, so in person it must be even more brilliant !
    I am following your blog from Google Reader so you don't always see the stats, but I am keeping up with your posts. (I need to get back to doing my own again, but need to dash.. late for work again!)
    Sew pleased for you!
    Hugs, Debs