Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Day After!

I am delighted with the moves of yesterday. More space, stuff is easier to get at (if I remember where I put it) and everywhere is clean and tidy. Tonight I am going to titivate and finalise the putting of stuff in drawers. Graeme keeps telling me that this is the last time we move this wardrobe (or any other large pieces of furniture) so I must make sure that I've got it all just as I want it!

The next project must be some dyeing of fabric as I noticed when moving things that I have very little multi coloured half metre pieces. So I can feel some sunset and underwater pieces coming on for starters. And with the weather being quite good it might be a good time to get out the wax and cjanting tool and do some batiks.

This was a piece of silk that was batiked very simply and then embroidered and turned into a cushion cover.


Another piece in silk waiting to have something done with it. Below is a piece that has had applique, machine embroidery and cut outs added to it. Eventually I'll make it into a small book cover. The trouble is that there is just too much to do!

Close up

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  1. I've got a couple of small books on the go, ought to finish them really! I enjoyed this as a project.
    One thing to ask: have you ever considered dyeing bamboo knittingneedles?
    we ask (I say "we" cos I'm dragging in Debs!) because we were looking at linky to buy recently and Debs raised important issue of would the dye RUN (on our hands, or on our knitting?) when a couple of us got all excited and set off to PAINT our needles! bah!
    anything to fling at us? caution? encouragement? suggestions or should we just stick to reading about it instead?
    Sue xx