Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Urge to Move!

At last I have finished one of the pieces of Crazy Patchwork. It is an over-the-arm of a chair work tidy. I started this more years than I care to remember ago! I have enjoyed finishing it. It  was great fun to do and will be our latest pattern offering. I have two more nearly finished so this might not be the final picture.

I have been feeling the urge to have a big clear out and move furniture around! I think this has been brought on by the fact that we have guests at the end of the month. Graeme's brother and family are coming to visit us from Egypt! So as well as giving the house a good and thorough clean, it also has meant making some more space. One of the joys of having guests is that one's house gets a real over- haul! Almost as good as moving!

And that is just what we did this morning. We moved furniture. I had the bright idea in the middle of the one does! We were going to send our enormous Victorian wardrobe up to my son in Fife, as he is desperate for a wardrobe, on condition that he held it in trust for my daughter who I think would disown me if I got rid of it permanently. But I love this wardrobe and I really didn't want to let it go, plus the fact that is most unwieldy. But now I don't have to as he is going to have my double wardrobe instead which knocks down and puts up so easily. And it's solid wood too so he isn't being fobbed off with anything cheap! So now we have the large wardrobe in our bedroom; the spare room has the dressing table(we had two in our room!) and looks much better and Graeme can at last open the doors on his wardrobe as we've moved it to the other side of the bedroom. However this didn't happen just like that. To get the large wardrobe into our room we had to take the banisters off the landing and have the wardrobe suspended over the abyss of the stair well. But we made it without mishap and I left Graeme putting the banisters back while I went off to work. However when I get home tonight I have to sort, hang and otherwise put away the mountain of clothing and stuff that is on our bed or we won't be going to bed tonight! There was a stage when the wardrobe was stuck in the spare room door with me inside the room when I thought I might be marooned there for good! But we got there in the end and I can't wait to have it all organised and sorted. Almost as good as having a new room! Plus I'll be able to get rid of more stuff to the charity shop! Can't be bad! 

This picture above is the top of my Victorian wardrobe. Below is the inside with drawers stacked full of sewing stuff. The other side is for hanging clothes but is also stuffed full of sewing stuff as you can see in the picture at the bottom. What you can't see are the two very large drawers at the bottom of the wardrobe. It is a huge piece of furniture!
And believe it or not I actually found homes for all that stuff in the workroom. Well to be honest I did give some of it away! There is only so much one can use in a lifetime after all!


  1. I love a good clear out! Sue x

  2. Can be fun finding bits you had forgotten, or frantically looked for ;~) Rather a beautiful wardrobe. Family heirloom?

  3. Oh I love a good clear out Sue. It is very carthatic! Not sure I've spelt that right! No Diana, not a family heirloom but I've had it for over forty years and it feels like it. A good friend was down-sizing and gave it to us for £5! A bargain!