Tuesday, July 26, 2011


There are so many different greens. Thousands of them! I was dyeing a colour wheel last weekend for a class on colour I'm giving tonight and I was struck by the sublty of the greens. So much so that I thought I'd do a run of just greens. I did three colour wheels: lemon 8G, magenta and turquoise: buttercup, scarlet and royal: lemon 4G, intense red, navy. So there were a few interesting greens amongst that lot but the differences between them were quite large as I was only doing a twelve colour wheel. This morning I decided to work on the Ives colour wheel of twenty four steps and started off with lemon 8G and bright royal. A lovely lot of greens were the result but even so I reckon that I can make the range of greens even larger and closer in colour by extending the steps in dyeing. And when one thinks that this was just one colour combination the mind boggles at what one could achieve with several colour combinations. And then again one could add in a tad of black and achieve even more colourings. Water colours down to get paler versions! The list is endless. Have I got enough time left to achieve all these thousands of green? I'm typing this at work so I have no pictures but I will take some and add them in later.

And after greens I can graduate to purples and oranges!  Not to forget all the browns and neutrals! Oh what fun! The reason I started with green was because one uses so much green in quilting especially when doing applique work or landscapes. However with all that dyeing will I ever have time enough to sew!

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