Monday, April 24, 2006

Coming up for Air!

I spent nearly all of the weekend dyeing. There was a rod at my back as our local quilt guild had ordered several metres plus I had individual orders to fill. As fast as I put one load in the washer I was getting another batch of fabric prepared and dyed. One batch was a set of colour gradations which I enjoyed doing and will do more over the coming weeks in different colours. I want to do a series of browns as I find browns one of the most useful colours for applique. In between batches I stamped some previously dyed fabric with metallics and now I will over dye them to get a very subtle effect.
It is amazing at how quickly a bolt of fabric will be used up and it is now time to order another one or even two. Some fabric I had ordered a week ago arrived today and there is some wonderful natural linen plus some very fine lawn. I also indulged myself with some cotton/viscose crepe which has a lovely drapey handle to it. It would make a lovely flowing skirt with big bold painted flowers all over it. And last but not least I have some white on white fabrics to play with. So I am going to be busy. Its a bank holiday weekend coming up so I'll get another extra day to dye in. Just as well as the following weekend I am going up to London to stay with Caroline for four days.

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  1. Your fabrics look gorgeous. Too bad I live so far away!