Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter!

I love Easter as it means a four day holiday from work. A time to refresh oneself ready for the summer. Well I am supposing we are going to have a summer. So far it has been unseasonably cold and windy and we are at least a month behind with plants in the garden. However I took a chance and went to a garden centre and bought herbs, tumbling tomato plants, courgettes and nasturtians plus a couple of blackcurrant bushes. And I treated myself to a small lavender tree. It is tiny but the smell is delicious. I like the idea of having a standard lavender plant rather than a bush. I have three grow bags and I'm ready to go; all I want is some warm sunny weather.
There were some really good replies to my questions on marketing. Caity of Princess and the Pea fame gave the view point of a customer while several of you emailed me with ideas for promoting a business. All very useful and interesting and I have taken note. I think Mrs Mel's idea of having a separate blog to sell stuff on is A1. Blogs are so easy to edit and keep up to date. I've already started on this and once I get more fabric done I'll be rolling and will promote the name of the blog. What was interesting was how differently people view marketing. To some it is a chore, but necessary while to others it is the raison d'etre. I think I fit in here somewhere in the middle as I don't find it my life's work (I'm too lazy!) but then again I don't think of it as a chore. In many ways it is fun. I know I would dye fabric even if I didn't or couldn't sell it.
I have been searching everywhere for some cookie cutters that I have. Twice I went up into the attic and rummaged through various boxes but to no avail so today I admitted defeat and decided to look for some in town. Eventually I found a tub of 50! More than I needed but I bought it as they were the only ones around. Later I needed to go into the attic again and look for some copper sheets I had for embossing. Guess what I found...yes, you're right. The cookie cutters. Isn't it so annoying! I am now drowning in cookie cutters. But I'm glad I found my original ones as they are far superior to the ones I got today. The idea was to make Easter biscuits. Now I'm thinking twice about it as I wanted to make them yesterday.
I hope you all have a Happy Easter or whatever. The picture is a piece of hand-dyed cotton with markal rubbings.

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