Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wonderful sentiments!

How to Feel Miserable as an Artist
( Or what not to do. Underline any that currently apply)

1. Constantly compare yourself to other artists.
2. Talk to your family about what you do and expect them to cheer you on.
3. Base the success of your entire career on one project.
4. Stick with what you know.
5. Undervalue your expertise.
6. Let money dictate what you do.
7. Bow to social pressures.
8. Only do work that your family would like.
9. Do whatever the client/customer/gallery owner/patron/investor asks.
10. Set unachievable/overwhelming goals to be accomplished by tomorrow.

I came across this on a blog called Wishjar Journal. It is an amazing blog and well worth a look. These ten statements above are so true in that they deplete one's self confidence and therefore are to be avoided at all costs. I tried to put a link to the actual written piece but they are not a current posting and I couldn't so I copied out the wording and put a general link. I hope I'll be forgiven! I do tend to be guilty of numbers 5 and 6!
I am being very busy as I have to supply a large amount of hand-dyed fabric by next week. I am really enjoying planning my colours and patterns and also will do some light to dark gradations. I do five fat quarters in light to dark and then tie them up in a bundle with matching silk ribbon. They stand out this way. I've also ordered some white on white printed cotton fabrics which I will dye in fat eighths and also bundle together in similar fashion. All of this has kept me gainfully occupied. And this activity on top of watering my newly sewn seeds and planted shrubs. Of course as I knew it would the weather has gone colder with no sun! Now if I hadn't had the horticultural long weekend would the sun have continued to shine? I wonder!


  1. oooh .. I have found you just in time! I am being pressurised to work in a factory to earn 'money'. My creative artistic self says - no way - but the practical side is pulling me hard!

    'guilty of 5 and 6' you said ! me too!

    thanks for the inspiration - you may have made one artist very happy ..........but poor ;-)

    love Sara

  2. Thanks for the Wishjar Journal site.
    I am enjoying reading your site; we have lots in common; star sign,offspring turning 36; love of creating. Cheers Alison.

  3. superb list Valeri, I had to print this out and stick it on my wall :)I'm really please your keeping so busy and sounds like you've got through the down patch?

  4. Val Hook me up with 1 and 10. As I tread in this new realm of crativity I must have patience! I want to be all at once! My landscape is telling ME what to do and not the other way around!