Saturday, April 29, 2006

There arn't enough hours in the day!

But I have been using them to their fullest extent! I made two bags in the class on Friday using them as demonstration models. One I got up to lining stage at home and the small one I did from scratch in the class as a step by step demo until the lining stage when I switched to the larger one. I then finished them off at home later. This design is what I call a really useful bag. I have a larger one for shopping but the one shown below is ideal if all one needs is a handbag.
I have seen a lot of comments lately about not liking to read about people's lives on their blogs but wanting them to stay focused on crafty things. Well for me the insights into other people's lives is fascinating and gives the reader some inkling of what makes them tick. I love Tommy the Material Girl blog because it is as good as reading a novel. Its like a daily serial and I rush to read the continuation each day. Definitely as good as a book! There are several blogs like this with a mixture of chat and quilting and, groan, often knitting! And I think people who avoid these blogs because of their mixed content miss such a lot. And another thing the historical and geographical content is educational. I know more about the social geography of the world than I ever did before. And I love the tips and hints and good recipes! But then I am a natural sticky beak!

The sun is shining and I've been working steadfastly in the garden. All my seeds are up and I am half way through digging up the patch of lawn which is to become garden for fruit bushes and veggies. Tomorrow I will finish this off and get stuff planted. This year I actually have one flower on my lilac bush and three lily of the valley flowers. This was the year I told them that if they didn't flower I'd dig them all up! They listened!

Tomorrow I shall dye. If the weather stays good I shall dye outside so that I can be really messy and slop dye around with gay abandon. I have some lovely fine lawn to try out so that will be fun. If I like the results I'll buy a bolt.

I'm sorry if the colour of the printing is all to pieces but Blogger is playing silly b's!


  1. YES, I'm one of those who also likes to read all the interesting tidbits on people's blogs....gosh if all we read was fibre related, I think it would be abit boring!!!
    GREAT job on the two purses....on my "To-Do" list this week is tote bags. My daughter and friends want ones like the one I took to Edmonton - seeing yours have given me even more ideas!
    THANKS and keep up the chatter.

  2. Great bags,Valeri. On the personal side - I tend to not put too much of this as I think my readers won't be interested. But maybe I'm wrong there. I just don't want to drive people away, I guess.