Friday, February 29, 2008

Nominated and nominations!

I was very touched that Victoria nominated my blog.
Let me explain the rules for the next nominated blogs:
" Choose up to 10 of your favorite blogs which bring you inspiration and make you appreciate the blogosphere ! "
Next you must inform the bloggers of their nomination by a post on their blog so as to keep the chain going !
So, here are the blogs I have chosen to nominate:

Gabrielle Swain at Handmaiden
Sue at CraftchatsewIknit2
Helen Suzanne at Hebart Journal
Shirley Goodwin at Dyeing2Design
Tommy at Tommy the Material Girl
Moi at Suckers Anonymous
Helen Cowans at Textile Goddess
Sharon at In a Minute Ago
Sarah Ann Smith at Art and Quilting in Camden
Robin at Quilt Antics

These are my ten nominations. They are always interesting; I often learn something new and frequently I'm amused. They are all worth a look if you haven't been there before!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your finished tif as going by the sketch is going to be amazing.

    Know what u mean about visitors, seems kind of rude to just go off to the studio and do your thing. Fortunately we rarely have visitors so I don't have that excuse not to get on with things. Your Grandchildren look lovely

  2. err thanks! (I think!) for the nomination! now to find just the 10 blogs!!
    I must thank you for introducing me to the world OF blogging, I've thoroughly enjoyed participating in this medium of sharing and now spend half my DAYS reading much yummy scrumptiousness on others' blogs!!