Friday, March 27, 2009

Handmade books

I have been spending my time making handmade books. The picture above shows a selection. I am in the process of making larger books (A3 size) but haven't finished them yet.

This one is covered in handmade paper. All the paper I bought from Paper Chase in London. This is one of my favourite shops and one could spend a fortune there as there is such a variety of paper which makes it difficult to choose. I have some handmade paper that I made myself but the only problem is that the biggest piece is only A4 size. The binding cord is coloured string.

This is the inside of the book showing the endpaper and flyleaf. The flyleaf paper is very pretty with inserted rose petals and ferns.

This little book is so easy to make being just two covers held together with suede and a post-it block inside which you can see below. Great idea for small gifts!

I love these miniature books. They could be hung on a chain and attached to one's bag or key chain. Very handy for making notes of measurements etc. They are approximately 2x3 inches.

I am having such fun doing this and will soon have quite a collection. It will solve some of my Christmas present dilemmas. As I've got my workroom set up to do this it seems only sensible to do as many as possible!

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