Friday, March 13, 2009

This and that!

These are a few of the kaleidoscope blocks done in class last week. Heather had a very large repeat (top row)and we had to move the fabric around a lot but we got there in the end and these lovely patterns were the result. This is a superb block to do as each pattern is subtly different. The difference between the pansy material and the japanese fish material is decidedly marked though both are attractive. The ooh's and aah's as the patterns were laid out were most gratifying. One of my favourite classes to do!

This week we made a crazy patchwork armchair tidy. This is my sample for the class. It is a very simple pattern and once the crazy patchwork is done quick to make up. I used silk on the top side but a linen underneath so that it wouldn't slip.

Next week we are making journals. The one below is covered with fabric and is A4 size with corners in the same fabric as the spine.

This is the fly leaf of another one which was covered with hand-made paper bought at Paper Chase - one of my favourite shops! The fly leaf is a piece of onion paper that I made myself. I haven't made paper for quite a while but stocks are getting low so perhaps I'll have a paper making day this summer.

My son is coming down from Scotland tomorrow for a few days so I won't be posting for a while. We don't get to see him that often due to the distance, so I am really looking forward to this visit.

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