Sunday, March 15, 2009

In a quandary!

I don't know what to do. We are coming to the end of this term's classes and there is going to be a shortage of students for the summer term. In fact we will barely make the room hire money which means I will be teaching for next to nothing. Do I do this as a labour of love because there is every possibility that it will pick up for the winter term or do I call it a day and stop teaching? I can always advertise again for the winter sessions. I do enjoy teaching but do I really want all the work of planning classes for very little in return. There is a core element of students whom I really don't want to let down but on the other hand I could be using my time more productively. I really don't know what to do. The summer is always a difficult time because people go on holiday, have gardens to tend and just like to be free to do what ever and not tied down to a class. I can understand this! I suppose in the back of my mind is the fear that if I get off the track I won't be able to get back on. Should I perhaps just run one class a month for the next six months and see how this goes? Make it more of a group than a class? I shall have to discuss it with those students who are keen to continue but I don't know what to offer them for the best. These things are sent to try us and they do. Not forgetting that I actually sell a fair amount of fabric at class! Always an important point to remember! Though with less students and a recession that too could go down. I need help and advice!


  1. if it were me, (and as if I were a student - wish I were lucky to be!) I would accept a summer break and not expect you to go all year round, BUT being "me" I'd be wishing you WOULD go all year round!
    how about setting up a couple of group sessions bookable in advance so everyone knows and pays and commits and this keeps everyone going and you in some money!

  2. You can always become one of my students! However the commute would be quite tiring! I've solved the problem. We are going to have monthly meetings until the Autumn, on the last Friday in the month and then on the second Friday in the month I'll host a coffee morning for coffee and dealing with problems.