Wednesday, March 04, 2009

How Time Flies!

A month has gone by since I last wrote anything. It has gone so quickly but then February is a short month. My daughter and the two grandchildren, Fenella and Fred, were down for nearly three weeks and that made time speed by.This is a photo of them building a mousetrap in the garden. I don't think the mice need to worry just yet!

Fenella had a camera for the sixth birthday in January and is an avid picture taker! Suddenly she is becoming very grown up.

One day we went to Newquay Zoo and I loved the shell on this tortoise.The markings on it were exquisite.

Then I had a workshop to do for a local quilting group and that needed work preparing for it plus my regular Friday morning classes which need a new sample every week. Considering I also work in the afternoons I am kept quite busy.
At the moment I am making a kaleidoscope quilt which is not growing very quickly and this weekend I hope to make a selection of hand-made journals. I love doing this and will take pictures of the process. Hopefully I will make a dent in the pile of hand-made paper I have stored up and free up some room.I will also make some fabric covered ones using some of my hand-dyed fabric. I have finally found a new supplier. For those who are interested I am getting my fabric from Whaleys. I couldn't find a cheaper supplier and get the quality. This is working out well though.

I dyed some wool last weekend which will be useful for decorating the covers and fastening the covers together. The picture above is an old one but the wool I dyed is exactly the same. I love these colours. I also did some deep ruby reds and dark blues. The wool is a rough spun fibre with lumpy bits in it. Lovely for decorative work. I have some more in hanks which I will dye up soon as I don't think what I have done will last for long! I also have a fleece living in the boot of my car which needs carding and then dyeing so that I can make some felt. It has been there for a few years now and really needs to see the light of day! It is there, along with some sacking and various plastic pots and a portable ironing board, two irons, a folding chair, an umbrella and a roll of cardboard. It is as good as having another cupboard! There is just room for my sewing machine when I go to class! One day I must give it a good clear out and see just what I have there. I think I've even got some wadding and embroidery threads. It's no wonder I have a job finding the spray can of de-icer when it's frosty!!


  1. I can't believe its March already either! Love your photo's and you sound busy busy!!
    Hope you are keeping well!

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  3. Lot's of typos in my last comment!

    Children are wonderful and I love the mousetrap your GC'n are so engrosed in. I had two of mine over today and I love having them for a while.

  4. I was going to mention the lovely colours you have used to dye the wool!