Monday, January 09, 2012

Consolidation and concentration

Consolidation and concentration! These are my two words for this year. I am determined to bring all my craft interests together and to focus on them constantly! There are so many things I do, from dyeing fabrics and silk ribbon to making appliques and teaching. Each and everyone of these activities impinges on one or more of the others so it makes sense to see them as a whole and  concentrate on the whole instead of having bits of this and bits of that being done. I shall take the step by step approach after seeing the whole thing. So a project will be researched in it's entirety and then be broken down into it's component parts. This way I am far more likely to actually finish something! Whereas if I do a part of something without really having a finished object in mind there is every liklihood that I will in the meantime move on to something else and there is another UFO taking up space in the workroom! A staple resource of this method is THE LIST! I am a great believer in lists. They work for me! I love being able to tick things off as they get finished. So this year I will make the effort to actually write the list and pin it up and design the finished project before breaking it down into manageable chunks instead of doing something and working it out as I go. This time next year I might have achieved a lot of well thought out pieces of work! All finished! We'll see!  Now I must go and finish the crazy patchwork waistcoat; the applique bird sampler; the landscape quilt;dye some more silk ribbon; the article I'm writing for a magazine and the notes for my class on Wednesday!

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