Monday, January 02, 2012

An Outing!

As it was the last day of my holiday before I go back to work tomorrow we decided to go to Penzance. It was a lovely sunny day when we left Falmouth and we had a great time, with lunch at the Admiral Benbow and a long walk along the front battling the very strong wind. Then just as we were deciding to go home the heavens opened and a mad dash to the car was made. 

It was a lovely day out but it is even nicer to be home in front of an open fire! I have a crazy patchwork waistcoat to stitch so I will sit and sew a fine seam. Pictures when I've finished!


  1. Makes you appreciate home when the weather is awful!!! Never mind by the sound of had ALL the cobwebs blown away!!

  2. Loveley day out you had! Sure it's weather for staying at the in the Netherlands storm and a lot of rain all keep inside... Love you colorful ribbons!