Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sunday afternoon walk!

We walked over the cliff path from Durgan to the Ferry Boat Inn at Helford Passage on the Helford River, to have lunch. It was quite exhilarating even though it was misty with occasional drops of rain. The paths were very muddy and quite hard going at times. 

But there was a roaring fire in the inn and the meal was delicious. There were a fair number of other folk, mostly walkers complete with maps and walking sticks. The long thin poles like ski poles which are supposed to help one's knees! 

Durgan is a quaint little hamlet with several cottages and a few larger houses. Most of which are now holiday homes. There was a school, built in 1870 something, but which is now a house. It is interesting to think that there were sufficient children at one time to warrant what seems to have been a fairly large school. Now the hamlet is quiet in the winter months and it is not until the influx of summer visitors that it comes to life. There is no shop just a telephone kiosk! 

  The white blobs are rain drops on the lens of the camera! It must have been a fishing village at one time as the jetty and boat launching area are quite large and impressive. There are still boats so someone must still be fishing! The view up the river was not as far  as it could be due to the mist. A very different view of the Helford in the winter than the view in the summer!

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  1. It seem such a shame that these villages/hamlets are all but dead in the winter months, but, then I suppose the price is that the summer months pay for this xx still sad. Glad you had a good walk though xx