Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Here comes the sun again!

Lovely sunny day! I enjoyed sitting in the garden and admiring the flowers and trees and closing my eyes to the overgrown parts! 

The trees are all coming in to leaf and the Weigela is in full flower. It's glorious! 

The Rhodidendron is nearly over but has been a lovely colour. I think this will be the subject for another silk ribbon piece!

The roses will flower all summer but these are nearly finished. They still smell wonderful!

Wild garlic is hidden under the Rhodi's! 

Close up of roses! 

Lots of inspiration there for some embroidery! I've just heard the weather forecast for tomorrow and it's going to rain! Glad I was able to sit out today. 

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  1. isn't it wonderful when the sun shines ... and the colours start to appear in the garden xx happy days x