Saturday, May 24, 2014

Next week's class project!

I have so many scraps of Japanese printed cotton fabrics which I have been loath to throw out as the fabric is so lovely and finally I have found a use for them. These small blocks only use a small scrap for the kimono robe which is ideal. In fact I made the blocks using nothing but scraps and they only took about half an hour from start to finish so a very quick block to put together. It took me longer to choose which fabric scraps to use! 
So this will be the project for this coming Wednesdays class. Should be fun. As it is so quick I think I might make a quilt with lots of different coloured blocks! 

These are the two sample blocks I made with close ups below. One is a front and the other back! The collars, waistband and obi get sewn on by hand but even with hand stitching it didn't take longer than half an hour. I love quick projects!


  1. Is ther a pattern for this?

  2. Hi Meg. Yes there is a pattern. Email me at