Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The End of the World.......

I am feeling extremely depressed! Martin has just re-formatted my computer. The computer that he built for me four years ago...was it really that long! And before he did this I put loads of my stuff onto an external hard drive (my IC box) and also some stuff onto the smallest of my three internal hard drives thinking that this one wasn't to be formatted so it would be OK. Bad thinking! The wretched machine now won't recognise this drive! It is having a hard job giving me all the Gb that I am owed on the two main drives. (each is around 120Gb while the little one is only 20Gb) I have left Martin at home is his day off...slaving over my machine in the hopes that somehow he will find this errant drive which has so many things on it that I now find I want! I am writing this from work as I can't do so at home not having an up and running computer. Well actually that is a lie as it is up and running just in bits while Martin sorts out this missing drive problem. The stupid drive is visible in Device manager but not in My Computer! I don't understand it but then I wouldn't as I'm not a geek.
The thought of all the things I have to re-install is making me tired especially having to set up my Artista software for my Bernina. Coping with the wretched dongle is a nightmare! And I've managed to lose my EQ5 stuff. I was sure I saved my scanned fabric for my latest quilt onto the IC box but I can't see it there. Of course there is so much stuff on it that I might not know what I'm looking for. I doubt if I called the file anything sensible! Tonight I am going to wade through all the files and try and sort them out. This screw up is making my life quite complicated as I can't think of anything but my missing files. No EQ5, no accounts, no address book, no new lesson plans, no....the list goes on!
Wait! There is hope! If everything fails and Martin can't make the computer see the missing drive all is not lost. I have just been given the telephone number of a guy who retrieves files off hard disks! Oh joy!


  1. Valeri, how sad! I can image what you are feeling. Hoping for the best for you and your computer and in case you need it: this my email>))

  2. Thank you Dee. I tried emailing you but this address wouldn't work!