Sunday, August 05, 2007


This is the sampler quilt that I want to make for this Autumn's classes.
I have been very naughty and bought more fabric! I just couldn't resist it but to make me feel better I then went and dyed up a load of toning colours to use with it and managed
to get a fantastic burgandy colour. Burgundy is one of those colours that isn't always easy to get being either too bright or too dull but this was just what I wanted to tone with this delicious print. And getting this small thing right really motivated me to get on with the sampler quilt and so today I made up one block. I actually find it quite relaxing doing traditional patchwork for a change. It could be because the guidelines are already there and all I have had to do are make colour choices. That is for me the fun part. This year I am being slightly different in format as the blocks are in several sizes and there are pieced borders and sashing.

Now that it is August the summer will gallop away and it will be back to class before I know it. I have a week's holiday at the end of the month and hopefully we will lay the carpet in the guest room and put up my computer cupboard so that I can move my computer etc from the living room. This would give me so much more space but I'm not actually holding my breath! I have been doing some constant dripping about the possibility that I may be holding classes at home and I think this might be the push needed to see some action with home improvements! Wouldn't it be nice if one could wave a wand and have everything done just like that! I am such an impatient person!

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