Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Round Robin; Round One!

For the first time in years I am part of a Crazy Patchwork Round Robin. The last Round Robin I was in was a disaster! Several of us lost our blocks, there was total confusion and I was left with a nasty feeling about the whole thing. I hope whoever stole my block has a bad conscience! It has meant that I will never, ever get involved with anything in the US again unless I know those involved! However this time it will go well because it is with a European group that I have done several RR's with before and we have always had a ball.

This isn't the most wonderful piece of Crazy Patchwork I have ever done I'm sorry to say but like most things in my life I left it to the last minute and need to post it off tomorrow. So it was done in a rush and instead of sewing the patches on by hand which gives one a lot more control I used the machine which makes it all a bit straight and in lines. However I'm sure the stitching will more than make up for its basic design faults. There are those in the group who are marvellous embroiderers. The theme is Lace and Roses and I have put some roses on the block and also done a seam finish of Sweetheart Roses. This is a silk ribbon technique which my friend Froggy taught me and I love it. I am seeing this as a wall hanging for the newly decorated spare room. Hopefully the room will be finished before the block! :-) I'm really looking forward to this as I know it will be fun.
On the home front the bathroom has no window at the moment, just a hole, while Martin paints it. We have all the paint and tomorrow I will paint the walls. I have taken the top bunk bed to the garage along with lots more tubs and boxes and all the shelves are off the walls. Undoing those screws was a mammoth task. Martin obviously put them on the wall so that I could put really heavy things on the shelves should I so desire. He knows me! I could even climb up them I reckon! So things are moving and I feel that we are getting somewhere.
The computer continues to do well. I've stopped holding my breath and think that everything is fine at last. I'm being much more tidy and organised and for the first time have an organised filing system. Will it last?
Dee if you're reading this I've lost the rotation list. Any chance you could forward me a copy? I'd be truly grateful.


  1. Your wish was my command. You should have received it by now. Oh..okay I see an email you did receive it.
    So have fun with the RR. Mine is almost ready to be send of.
    On the another hand I am not a really happy camper at the moment. I went through a CT Scan this morning and await the results tomorrow.

  2. Your quilt piece will look wonderful-- the colors are beautiful, and you're right, the embroidery will definitely deal with the "straight lines." Anyway, what's wrong with straight lines? Can't wait to see how it comes out! Also, thanks for your encouraging words about my job. I keep reminding myself it's temporary. In the meantime, maybe I'll start a crazy quilt. Or a square, at least. I've always wanted to make one. I'll just look at your work for inspiration!